Permitting and licensing agencies provide critical oversight to support community growth and planning, health and safety, and long-term sustainability. Permitting fees are also an important revenue source for many local government and utility agencies.

Keeping pace with demand can feel like an impossible task as agencies struggle with application backlogs, resource constraints, and frustrated customers. 

Cityworks PLL is the leading GIS-centric solution for permitting, licensing, and land management. Cityworks PLL eliminates the need for physical paperwork by organizing application, permitting, and licensing workflows in one digital location. In a personalized demo, we will show you how:

  • Mobile tools can support your field crews as they perform inspections and code enforcement activities. 
  • A public portal helps residents, contractors, and businesses to submit applications, pay fees, and track status updates online and at their convenience.
  • As part of the Cityworks AMS platform, you can easily share permit information with public works and maintenance crews, allowing for seamless communication and workflow handoffs.