Cityworks ConvergeTM User Summit!

Each of you are working to solve unique challenges in your community. Continuous learning from the efforts of each other is one of the best ways to achieve success, to adapt, and to thrive.

Cityworks Converge provides a platform for connecting users, experts, leaders, and managers who leverage GIS-centric solutions to improve how their community content experience will spark innovation, deepen knowledge, and empower GIS intelligence for communities. Registration is complimentary!


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Michael Elkins
City of Green, OH
Chrissy Lingenfelter
City of Green, OH
Matt Piper
Esri - Utilities
Chris Fisher
Greater Rockford
Airport Authority
Darren Rozenek
City of Akron, OH
Jacob Pitsch
City of Racine, WI
Matt Harman
Nick Hetrick
King County, WA

Sessions topics will include:

  • Fire Department Inspections with Cityworks Mobile Native App 
  • Centralized Stormwater Workflows with Cityworks
  • Cityworks PLL for Rental and Commercial Property Programs 
  • Tips and Tricks: Custom ArcGIS Pop ups in Cityworks
  • Streamlining Airport Part 139 Certification Inspections
  • Going Paperless with Cityworks PLL: Right of Way Permits 
  • Making Cityworks and SCADA Play Nice
  • Geo-Enabling Asset Management with a Modern GIS

Featured Presenters

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