Cityworks and ArcGIS:
Empowering Public Asset Management 

Public asset management is only possible when you have an accurate asset inventory. You need to know what your assets are and where they are located.

That’s where ArcGIS comes in. You also need to know what work was done, how much it cost, and what materials were used. That’s where Cityworks comes in.

In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how GIS-centric solutions can support your team throughout your entire asset management workflow: from data collection and work management to public engagement and strategic planning.

Learn how Cityworks and ArcGIS together can help you:

  • Collect accurate data on assets, costs, labor, and more 
  • Provide useful tools to both field crew and office support teams
  • Engage residents as active participants in the care of your community 
  • Easily analyze data to support better decision-making

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